Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

History is a way of seeing. It is not always the objective, official and textbook chronicle of facts that we imagine. More often, it is simply “the view from here.” It is the way an eyewitness once saw and now remembers.

A personal history is invaluable. A friend recently told me of a life-changing moment many years ago. He said, “It was like a giant curtain was pulled back and I saw another history, a hidden history of the world that I was not aware of.”

His story was countercultural. Most personal histories are. They essentially tell dominant culture, “Hold on. Your story is exhausted and enslaving. Sit down and listen to a new one.” That is how Moses, David, Paul and other scribes deposed the weary and hopeless histories of their times.

Personal histories are the voices of trustees – those who cherish a legacy and will do all they can to carefully pass it on.

For example…

You can read my story in “The Power of Your Story” (a Pub Chat).

When I heard and connected the dots of my stories, my imagination saw a towline emerge, taut and dripping, from a muddy bog. I was transfixed; that steel cable connected me, irrefutably, to the grand story of God’s people in the earth…people like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. My life found traction.

That is the power of a personal history.

Telling Your Story

Real voices speak the authentic and very personal story of those who walked the earth in a time and place. Before it was history, Martin Luther King Junior’s story was personal. It was so strong that it countered and surpassed the establishment narrative; it rewrote American history.

That is why your story may be more important than the certified narratives. So how do you tell your story?

That is what we at Cool River Pub do. We can help you pull your own story into living, vivid, and significant reality. And we can do that in audio, video, and/or written form (digital or paper). Digital printing and other technologies have made the processes faster, easier, and more affordable than you have ever imagined. Remember that your story has enormous value – to your family, your company, your community.

Maybe this is the time to finally tell your story. Contact me. Lets talk about it.

You can do this.

At The Writing Table:

  • Morris Chapman is a widely respected and loved songwriter, worshiper, recording artist and minister.

  • Glen Roachelle Glen Roachelle President,
    Gate Ministries

    Glen Roachelle, the President of Gate Ministries, is a widely respected pastor, conference speaker, and consultant. The Wind and the Whisper is his first book. Glen and Roberta live in Middle Tennessee.

  • Mary Sue Hermes, the illustrator of Daddy, Help Me, has also illustrated numerous other children’s books (including Ken Harvey’s “Life in the Fridge” series). Mary Sue and her husband, Jerry, live in Sterling, Virginia.

  • Ken Harvey Ken Harvey President and CEO,
    JAKA Consulting Group

    Now retired from professional football, Ken Harvey is also the author of numerous children’s books. Ken, his wife Janice, and their two children live in Northern Virginia.


Overheard at the Pub…

For all that has been, thanks. For all that will be, yes.

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