Purpose of the Pub

Dedicated to helping new voices build quality products and find their audience

Here at Cool River Pub, we seek three things:

  1. To produce high quality books, at a low price, for those new voices who have something to say. We want authors who have no platform, but do have a compelling story and/or an important payload to deliver. If you can break our heart, blind us with insight, or make us laugh till we cough up organs, we want to talk to you.
  2. To provide important, but hidden, books to readers. Some are Cool River Pub books; most are not. But, all of them carry valuable, timely, and undiscovered treasure.
  3. To serve good words to our customers. Words are seeds; when they fall into the human heart, they grow and produce new life. So, if we serve any column, essay, blog, or book in Cool River Pub, it is because we take the author and the customer very seriously. We love, respect, and listen to people who deliver good seed. And, we’d rather make a friend than make a dollar. NOTE: “Books” can be paper, electronic, or audio.

At The Writing Table:

  • Morris Chapman is a widely respected and loved songwriter, worshiper, recording artist and minister.

  • Mary Sue Hermes, the illustrator of Daddy, Help Me, has also illustrated numerous other children’s books (including Ken Harvey’s “Life in the Fridge” series). Mary Sue and her husband, Jerry, live in Sterling, Virginia.

  • Ed Chinn Ed Chinn Proprietor,
    Cool River Pub

    As a Writer, Ed has been published in The Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, and other newspapers, magazines, and websites. Ed and his wife, Joanne, live in Middle Tennessee.

  • Ken Harvey Ken Harvey President and CEO,
    JAKA Consulting Group

    Now retired from professional football, Ken Harvey is also the author of numerous children’s books. Ken, his wife Janice, and their two children live in Northern Virginia.


Overheard at the Pub…

I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who tell me it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis.

Glenn Reynolds
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