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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

New Eyes for a New World by Ed ChinnI am so happy to announce the release of my new book, New Eyes for a New World. Those who have read pre-release copies have strongly endorsed the book for anyone married, parenting, or working.

Please take one minute (literally) to watch this trailer for the book. After watching it, your hunger and thirst for New Eyes may convulse you into the floor. If so, get a grip on your dignity, return to your chair and just order it through Cool River Pub, Inc or Amazon. After you’ve read it, I invite you to let me know your thoughts. Positive or negative.

The book is only 92 pages and beautifully designed. It makes a very nice gift. Of course, so does a Harley. But New Eyes for a New World imposes no additional costs and carries no danger.

If you don’t have one minute to watch the trailer, take 45 seconds to read this press release.

Cool River Pub Releases New Eyes For A New World – A Provocative Look At How We See

(Franklin, TN) – What strange pattern did the fighter pilot see in the farmland below his plane that day in 1944? How did the scientist see magnificence in the repulsive petri dish? What lies hidden in the “petri dish” of your family, friends, career, or neighborhood?

In New Eyes for a New World, author Ed Chinn shows how the actual physiology of sight–light passing through the cornea, pupil, and lens and then striking the retina–is only a part of how we see. We cannot interpret the light and patterns of our environment without the symphony of all our faculties. Everything we see passes through the filters of our life experiences, emotional and physical health, beliefs, fears, yearnings, education, special training, and attitudes.

Chinn writes, “We live in complicated times. Our brains are bombarded by data, opinions, ideas, and images. I think the enormous volume of details and patterns of information prevent us from just walking though life with a straight-ahead simplicity.”

How is your eyesight? Can you find “new eyes” for seeing the possibilities all around? Step into this bold new book and take a soaring flight to the enchanted land of “Yes!”

Married? How do you view your spouse? Parent? How do you view your children? Employee? Boss? How’s your vision? Whether you’re facing health challenges, financial struggles, a career crisis, or you’re simply journeying through this adventure we call life, you’ll benefit from this articulate invitation to see with “new eyes”.

Ed Chinn, author of Footprints in the Sea and Day of the Elephants, is founder of Cool River Pub. Chinn has been published in The Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, Atlanta-Journal Constitution, San Jose Mercury, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and other newspapers, magazines, and websites. Ed and his wife, Joanne, live in Middle Tennessee.

Cool River Pub,, is committed to publishing and promoting books worth reading. “Words are seeds; when they fall into the human heart, they grow and produce new life. So, if we serve any column, essay, blog, or book in Cool River Pub, it is because we take the author and the customer very seriously. We love, respect, and listen to people who deliver good seed. And, we’d rather make a friend than make a dollar,” says publisher Ed Chinn.

To learn more about New Eyes for a New World (ISBN: 978–0–9830214–8–3; $13.00) and Cool River Pub, visit

Media Contact: Angela Folds,, 615–739–4788
Cool River Pub, Inc.
P.O. Box 682451
Franklin, TN 37068

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2 Responses to “New Eyes for a New World Now Available”

  1. Mike Mikeworth says:


    I received your book yesterday…and read it yesterday. While your writings always contain challenges with which I am currently wrestling (and some with which I refuse to wrestle), I stand amazed at how God speaks a consistent message via the numerous books that I am concurrently reading. For example, I also just started JESUS MANIFESTO by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola which is talking about the centrality of Christ in all things…asking the reader, “What is your chief occupation in life?” This indicates the idea that of those things upon which we focus are the things with which we are “occupied”. From reading your book, BONHOEFFER, and JESUS MANIFESTO, I am challenged to see the signature of Christ in all things in heaven and earth since he is the creator of all. It is so easy to focus on the created things – values, principles, ideologies, “world-views”, virtues, powers and principalities – yet not know Chirst better, yea, even miss Him altogether. It caught my attention that while our American world calls us to view and categorized things as being “left or right”…Jesus is calling us to move forward, not turning to the “left or right”. In particular, your chapter on career and calling is where I spent much of my research over my lifetime and my own writings…only to consistently to be reminded that the Caller has called me to the work at hand, even though I find difficulty in seeing the value in trying to help people start their own businesses. How can I see Christ in it all? I know that I do not have that 40,000 – foot view from above. It does seem that many of my clients are infatuated with the idea of designing their businesses “…for the purpose of magnifying their own reflection.” I stand in need of understanding my role in “re-presenting” Christ in a way that emerging entrepreneurs will be edified to build businesses wherein Christ might have supremacy… bear his reflection. May Christ reconcile to himself all things (even businesses) whether things on earth or things in heaven by making peace through his blood… (Col. 1:20)

  2. roger says:

    When we were 19 year old boys you were already laying so many “heavy” thoughts in my lap, that I am only now beginning to comprehend the depth of clarity I saw you possessed all those years ago. This latest of your books is a confirmation of one of those “heavy” pronouncements from your youth.

    Just as you deny memory of other thoughts that so impacted me with their startling insight, you may very well not recall this memory, which was indelibly inscribed in my young mind as well: Seeing the intensity of your insatiable need to write about everything, I inquired why you didn’t write a book to earn income from your talent. Your reply was, “I won’t be able to write anything worth reading until I’m at least 50.” I was so stunned by that statement which left me feeling quite shallow by comparison (confident until then that at 19 that we were infinitely endowed with the answers to all of life’s questions), that I have never forgotten your response.

    So I feel deeply grateful that we have both lived long enough to enjoy today the maturity of the writing skills you have now mastered. I am blessed to be counted among those you call “friend”, and to be able to benefit from the depth of wisdom from which you draw your writings today. I am pleased, eager, and proud to pass your books to those who can benefit from, and appreciate what they offer. May you “live long and prosper”, that we may all benefit from even more of your writing.

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