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The Authentic Swing

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Most books about art and artists focus on the person…the tortured life, the courage to reach past convention, and the ultimate rejection and crucifixion by a world not nearly good enough for her. We’ve all seen that movie.

But Steven Pressfield’s new book, The Authentic Swing, uses writing and golf to look beyond human shoulders to consider the mysterious realm of our design. He — the author of The Legend of Bagger Vance — can see that artists (or golfers) are merely the point where heaven and earth kiss. He takes us up above the smog of lower altitudes to consider the possibilities that hovered over our design and birth.

The book does not embrace any religion (although it is respectful toward Hinduism and Christianity), but it does take a surprisingly transcendent view. It speaks to anyone.

If you are a writer, singer, actor, dancer, or any other artist, or if you are a golfer, you will find The Authentic Swing to be a fast, enjoyable, and ultimately helpful book.

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