Morris Chapman

Morris Chapman Morris Chapman

Morris Chapman is a widely respected and loved songwriter, worshiper, recording artist and minister. He is the composer of Bethlehem Morning, Be Bold Be Strong, I Know the Plans, and many other songs. Morris lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. I Know the Plans: The Stories, Songs, and Seasons of a Blessed Life is his first book.

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I Know the Plans

I Know the Plans by Morris Chapman

In his long-awaited autobiography, Morris Chapman takes the reader through the stories, songs, and seasons of a blessed life.

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At The Writing Table:

  • Glen Roachelle Glen Roachelle President,
    Gate Ministries

    Glen Roachelle, the President of Gate Ministries, is a widely respected pastor, conference speaker, and consultant. The Wind and the Whisper is his first book. Glen and Roberta live in Middle Tennessee.

  • Mary Sue Hermes, the illustrator of Daddy, Help Me, has also illustrated numerous other children’s books (including Ken Harvey’s “Life in the Fridge” series). Mary Sue and her husband, Jerry, live in Sterling, Virginia.

  • Ken Harvey Ken Harvey President and CEO,
    JAKA Consulting Group

    Now retired from professional football, Ken Harvey is also the author of numerous children’s books. Ken, his wife Janice, and their two children live in Northern Virginia.

  • Ed Chinn Ed Chinn Proprietor,
    Cool River Pub

    As a Writer, Ed has been published in The Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, and other newspapers, magazines, and websites. Ed and his wife, Joanne, live in Middle Tennessee.


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